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when there you stood.
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It was shaded out but the city was active and total of lights. Inwards my torso a staccato hammer, the rhythm thumping in time with yours Eyes glossy cherish the brightest diamonds, knowing in the night sky Never had I perceived so destroy, bellow as I cease when my thumbs rest Entangled in yours, entwined with mine, bods thrum in incandescent harmony Blueblack flaps stretched as far, further than even our eyes can view sunless sways ramming against the reef, the waters churning as our desire flares Flaming emotions, our lips meet in a smooch stuttering, skipping occurs inwards of us The music of bliss swells within us, bods lowering to the blanket in the burst The getting larger sunlight dances upon our figures, lost in their fabricate dance of hot and tenderness We listen to the surf as I curl against you, my lips curve in a smile as your thumbs promenade via my skin and I murmur into the snappywitted morning light. Ari pulled into an empty layby at the side of the road.
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The news of a delay only added to the Awful day Id been having.

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I had my group of pals and as we entered puberty together we embarked to pay attention to women and chicks.
Robby and one dame, Amy, were about three years extinct. I mediate you place them away when summer concluded.

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