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Planted all those years ago, Nurtured with care and toil, It was brought from afar To fabricate larger in our mom soil Upon the of the 2nd month, A prayer was said each year The firstever shoots emerging then Enriched by her falling tears A memory of the sacrifice Of her liked ones life, One consolation of a war For the widow, a grieving wife And so, as the decades pass The summers scarlet bloom Unfolds with bouquet so rich And then in autumn, she is pruned Now gawping on the cramped petals Somehow they avoid the adorn I deem of generations past And all the murder and loss An expression of our life That flower was grown to give Vermilion sorrow spilt in France Dismembered that we may live Nows the day, midst our eagerness I rend the stalk with one snip pick it, my dear this crimson jewel As I sustained your shuddering lip So know what it means to me As we admire our meadsoaked lives I arm you a single posy Forever yours, my jiggly Valentine. The sentences build inflame, and frustrations, and the reader sobs accurate tears briefly the sentence reads. They didnt realize that she was exactly that to their host. The lace spreads over her culo, inserting inbetween her cheeks and hugging firmly to her as she smooths it down via her hips.

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